Thursday, January 6, 2011

Recent Obsession- Santa Maria Novella

I usually don't care much about fragrance, and I was never big on lotion or perfume, but recently i've fallen in love with anything that has a good vanilla or floral scent: candles, air freshener, body/hair products, and especially soap.

So as my first entry of the year, I would like to start by introducing my new favorite brand- Santa Maria Novella from Florence.

They definitely have the greatest bath products I've ever used. So far I own the Vellutina soap, the pomegranate soap, and the iris shampoo, and I absolutely love everything about them- The scent, the quality and texture of the foam, and most importantly- the gorgeous packaging (I am a sucker for packaging. Can't help it!)

Vellutina Soap- love the extremely fine foam and the scent, and just look at the packaging! How can one resist such beautiful design!

Pomegranate Bath Soap- hand pressed then wrapped soap with all-natural whole milk formula infused with pomegranate oil. I personally think it smells more like clean linen/ baby powder with a floral touch. I love that it has such a romantic and angelic fragrance. Again, it's all about the packaging :P

Iris Shampoo- Great scent and very moisturizing, made my hair smooth and silky. The only thing I am not too crazy about is that it is more on the watery side, so i tend to over use it and end up having so much foam that I could almost make a mini snowman on my head! but other than that everything is great, not to mention the gracefully designed box!!

Items on my wish list (mostly for the design):

Almond Soap

Lavender Soap

Milk Soap

Mint Soap

Pomegranate Bath Salt

Check them out at LAFCO New York, or just go to:
285 Lafayette St
(between Jersey St & Prince St)
New York, NY 10012

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