Sunday, July 17, 2011

IPhone SLR Mount

Turn your iphone into a SLR camera!
This is brilliant! haha

Available at photojojo.

The website also features lots of innovative camera accessories.
Here are some of my favorites:

This trend applies not only in fashion but also everyhwere in the world:
it's all about mix-n-match and adding that extra twist to the standard!
Turn your high-tech DSLR into an old school toy camera by mounting
the infamous Lomography Diana Lens onto your camera body!


The Ring Flash Adapter: create studio-quality diffused light
for a very affordable cost.

Pop-Up Flash Bounce: I would describe this as a less expensvie alternative
to external flash. It is basically a mirror that directs the light up to the ceiling
to soften the harsh light from your built-in flash.

The Super-Secret Spy Lens: the descriptions says, "meant to fit the end
of your SLR's zoom lens, this guy has a secret cut-out on the side and
a precision mirror assembly inside. In short, you can shoot left, right, up, or down,
all while apprearing to shoot straight ahead."

Imagine how long the lens would be if you were to attach this to a 75-300mm lens.
I'm sure you will be the center of attention no matter which angle you point at!
Nonetheless, i love it and think it's super creative.

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